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John T. Long has the knowledge of the law to recover the largest settlement for you. He has an impeccable reputation in the community for recovering the largest settlements for his clients. With over thirty years’ experience in all phases of personal injury cases, (twelve years as an insurance claims adjuster and eighteen years as an attorney) John has the combined experience to recover damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress and mental anguish.

     As a former claims adjuster, John knows how the insurance company thinks and how much they will pay! Once an accident happens, the insurance claims adjuster’s job is to save the insurance company money. The insurance claims adjuster’s goal is to contact the injured party as quickly as possible and get a “recorded statement.” The adjuster will record your conversation and get you to make statements that may be detrimental to your case. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE BUT JOHN T. LONG.

     John's goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your case. Your satisfaction is my goal. I will keep you informed of the status of your case, honestly and promptly. From the initial interview, to the courtroom, through the appeals process, John has the experience and knowledge you need on your side.

     With eighteen years’ experience in all phases of criminal defense, John knows the system and has great success in getting cases dismissed reduced or not guilty verdicts. He has tried hundreds of cases, juries and non-juries. John has the experience ranging from simple misdemeanors, traffic and DUI to more serious crimes such as murder, negligent homicide, rape, trafficking, manufacturing, uniform possession of controlled substances and a plethora of other crimes, John has the knowledge and expertise to protect your rights under the United States Constitution and the Criminal Code of Alabama. Real life criminal cases are not like T.V.! Your freedom is on the line and John T. Long can lessen the chances of serving time. Do not talk to the police or anyone but me.

     Do not pay those high retainer fees to other lawyers on your divorce, family law or child custody cases when John T. Long will accomplish the same results for a fraction of their fees! AND get the same quality representation for less. With eighteen years’ experience in all phases of divorce, family law, child custody and juvenile delinquency, John knows what you are entitled to and what the judges will generally award based on the facts of the particular case.

    John has the experience and knowledge in all phases of family law, divorce, child custody, and juvenile delinquency. From the initial client interview, to the courtroom and appeals process, John knows what you are entitled to under the law and what the judges will generally award based on the facts of the particular case.  A “contested divorce” means that the parties agree to divorce but cannot agree on child custody, child support, division of property and visitation.  The process of a contested divorce begins with the filing of the “complaint.”  The courts require specific language (pleadings) that includes the parties, venue, facts relating to the marriage, children, property and reason for the divorce.  There has to be a “prayer for relief” that states what the parties are asking for.  The technical requirements are complicated and need the skills of an experienced lawyer.

John T. Long has the experience from the courtroom through the appeals process in personal injury, criminal defense, divorce and family law. Do not trust anyone else with your future!

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Client Testimonials

“You are an amazing attorney!” - Laura Ann T.

“Thank you for helping my daughter, Nikki. You did an awesome job in reducing her felony Theft of Property to a misdemeanor.”John P.

“Thanks for getting my Theft of Property reduced to a misdemeanor.”David W.

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