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Child support is based on a complicated formula set out by Rule 32 Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration, Child Support Guidelines. The gross monthly income of each party is proven by wage statements and income tax records. These figures are added together and the larger is divided into the smaller to get a percentage share of the child support obligation. In calculating child support, if one of the parties is not working, then the wages will be imputed to the non-custodial parent. This means that the gross monthly income will be calculated on what they are capable of making or what they were making on their last job. The non-custodial parent can’t quit his $40,000.00 per year job and go to work at McDonald's to reduce his child support!

The other factors to be considered in calculating child support are the number of children from the marriage, any periodic alimony payments, the daycare expenses, medical insurance premiums and any amount of preexisting court ordered child support obligations. In the “Agreement or the Parties” of the final divorce decree or the Order from the judge will spell out precisely what the parties obligations are.  Call John Now! 205-745-7053